Support Animals – Donate Used Car Easily (including old and junk)

Donate Old Car to End Animal Cruelty

help animals by donating used carEasily donate used car to help and put an end to animal cruelty. 

Take part in reducing suffering of innocent animals who cannot speak or defend themselves by getting involved in the used car donation.

When you donate your used car, it will be auctioned off at the highest possible amount and the earnings from your donated vehicle will be used in investigation of animal cruelty as well as enforcing animal right laws.

Your donated vehicle to Cars Helping Pets will also help create new laws that fight for animals to be allowed in more public places.

Free up your garage space and save yourself the time and frustration from trying to sell or repair your old used vehicle.

We are more than glad to put that old junky car to use and get it off your hands.

We accept all cars whether running or not.

It doesn’t matter how old the vehicle is or how many miles it has.

When you donate used car, you  also tax deductible receipt for it. We’ll mail you an IRS tax form and you can claim the donation on your taxes.

We all know when tax season arrives any and all deductions can be extremely helpful just by participating in the used car donations.

The donation process is easy, in order to donate used cars all you have to do is fill out this form or call us at 1-888-990-4PET (738).

The process will take no longer than five to ten minutes of your time.

We offer free 24 hour towing and we will schedule a time that is convenient for you.

You don’t even have to be home when we come pick up your donated used car, just leave the keys and title in the vehicle.

Give us a call and we’ll take The donating Used Car Process from there.

According to the humane society, animal cruelty cases are most common in dogs, pit bulls are often a common breed involved in animal abuse. Over 1,500 animal abuse cases were reported in 2007.

Animals are a big part of our lives and deserve to be treated with dignity.

If you’re an animal owner, you know first hand pets are a part of the family.

They are always there to comforts us and keep us company in times of need.

Together we can end animal’s violence. Take a stand up for what’s right and help end innocent animals from being abused, donate used car today.

If you have the vehicle you don’t want any more, we will welcome your car donation tax deduction and Cars Helping Pets staff will be grateful. We are sure that the pets will be grateful too, but since they can’t speak, they show their joy in different means. So, what is the procedure for joining the car donation tax deduction Maryland project? If you have a car (running or no-running, it doesn’t make the difference), contact us and fill the simple form on our website. You can call us too and our staff will answer your questions if you haven’t find the answers in our FAQ section.