Donate Your Car to Help Pets

Donate Your Car to Cars Helping Pets

donate your carDonate your car to help put a stop to animal cruelty. Cars Helping Pets is a charitable organization dedicated to help put an end to animal cruelty and enforce animal right laws. When you donate your car the proceeds are put towards these causes and most importantly help innocent animals live a life free of suffering and brutality. Your donation will help establish new regulations that fight for animals to be permitted in more public places. 

Animal cruelty cases are most common in dogs. More than 1,500 animal abuse occurrences happened in 2007, states the Humane Society. Whether you own an animal or not, animals are a huge part of our environment and deserve to be treated right. 

Clear up garage or driveway space and save yourself the frustration when it comes to repairing or selling you used unwanted car. Cars helping pets accepts all cars whether running or not, the age, make, model, or mileage does not matter when you donate your car. 

Donate your car and receive a tax deduction. We will send you the IRS form and when tax time comes you can deduct your donated car off your taxes. Who doesn’t love a tax deduction?

The process of donation is simple, just fill this online form out or give us a call at 1-888-990-4PET (738). The donation should only take a few minutes and we provide complimentary towing. 

We work around your schedule therefore towing is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and if you can’t be present at the time of pick up, that’s fine too. Place the title and keys in the car and we got the rest. 

Donate your car today to Cars Helping Pets. Their lives are in our hands. We are their guardians. We are their voice, speak up and be heard. Let’s end cruelty to all animals, donate your car today, simple click here or call us at 1-888-990-4PET.

Get rid of your junk car today, take action now! Donate your car, support innocent animals, be the voice. Thank you!